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kauai: north shore and kilauea town

The North Shore of Kauai is the wetter, more lush side of the island so we fully expected some cooler temperatures and rainy days.  However, we lucked upon a dry stretch of weather and only had a bit of rain the night before we left.  We were able to get some more beach time in and Nick could do his hike on the Na Pali coast that he had been planning to celebrate his 40th birthday.  

We rented the bottom part of a house from a French couple, Brigitte and Guilaume, who had lived in Kilauea for over 20 years.  They had transformed their banyon tree into a treehouse for their son many years ago and now let guests climb up to see the view.   We arrived right around sunset and Jonas immediately needed to get up into the Bird's Nest to check it out.   It was a bit rickety in places, but sturdy enough that we weren't too concerned for safety. 

The bridge in the background was off limits to us, used mostly by the house dog, Chantee.   She liked to hang out in the tree house and was very friendly.   We enjoyed spending time relaxing at the house; playing cribbage and lounging on the porch. Jonas also was quite enamored with Brigitte, one of the hosts, and would follow her around to help her water the garden and tend to things. 

The village of Kilauea is rather small, but has a few nice spots to eat and check out.   We were in town for the monthly night market which had music, food trucks and vendors.   There was also a spot for minigolf and Jonas loved it so much he just kept wanting to play.   

While Nick was off hiking the trail and camping, Jonas and I hit up a few more beaches and tried snorkeling.   The snorkeling was a good attempt, but we didn't quite get the hang of it well enough to see any fish.  The North Shore beaches are lovely and have good sand and nice, clear waters.   The two beaches we visited were at Ha'ena State Park and Anini Beach.  


We went through the town of Hanalei several times while driving the road to Na Pali and it was a nice place to stop for smoothies and fruit.   We were on a mission to eat as much fruit as possible before heading home, and we're mostly successful, but couldn't find a decent papaya.  We also forgot how good the bananas are and didn't nearly eat enough before the end of our trip.  

There is a lighthouse and wildlife preserve down the road from Kilauea.   Jonas and I managed to get out there during one of the times it was open, but we were not early enough to join the tour of the lighthouse.   Still, the conservation group that runs the area has binoculars on loan to watch the various seabirds nesting and wandering about.   


When Nick returned from his overnight trip, he reported a very sucessful hike and had some lovely pictures to share.   The exposed trail makes the hike a bit treacherous, but maybe in 10 years we can revisit it together.  

For the last day, it was my turn to get out for a hike while Nick and Jonas had some time together.   I tried the Okolehao Trail that cruised up a ridgeline to get some views of the area.   The trail continues out as far as you feel comfortable going and it does get a bit narrow with some steep drop-off.  

I had to psyche myself up once or twice to navigate some steep chutes in the trail.   The biggest one I very nearly stumbled down, which almost had me turning around.  However, I managed to collect myself and get down it (and many others afterwards) and it was nice to make it to the 'end' of the trail.  

On one of the last nights, the sunset was looked promising, so we scaled the banyon tree to watch from the Bird's Nest.  Eventually an intense pink light bathed everything around us.  

The sunset was a lovely send-off to a idyllic week spent on Kauai.  We will definitely visit the island again to continue our exploring and perhaps another round of mini-golf.    

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More great pictures and wonderful words. What a grand visit you had in the sun and sand.

May 2, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterGrAnn

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